Introducing…BubbaLu Publishing and the Obligatory Back Story

I am so excited to be writing this post! Why? Because this is the start of something new and it’s been a long time coming. It all started when I was just a kid–a wee one who couldn’t write yet. One of my first memories was thinking, “I wish I could write every single word that came to mind.” I’ve always been indecisive, interested in everything, and maybe a touch all over the place. But, there was one thing I zeroed in on. One thing I knew for sure: I was born to be a writer, for better or for worse. So, here I am.

I’ll spare you all the details, but my pen and I have grown really close through the years. Essay contests, random acts of poetry for friends, numerous blog posts and many a late night before “going to press” has grown me into a seasoned writer. Alas, the passion remains. That’s how you know, right?

I became the editor of a magazine and another fire was lit. I love magazines and hope with every part of my being that they are always around and that my grandchildren’s children will be just as thrilled to receive their new issue of “Real Simple” in the mail. BubbaLu Publishing’s mission is to produce that kind of material. We want readers to want to read our publications and, ultimately, be inspired.

We hope that you’ll stick around to see how BubbaLu grows and becomes something really great. And cheers to you for being the ones who were there for the very beginning.

Thanks guys!


One thought on “Introducing…BubbaLu Publishing and the Obligatory Back Story

  1. Craig Smith says:

    Congratulations on your new business! I admire you for taking this bold step towards your dream. With your talent and enthusiasm the sky is the limit!. Wishing you much success and happiness in this new chapter of your life. Good luck!

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